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Singapore ticket tour travel Asia Hotel

Singapore ticket tour travel Asia Hotel

Most incredible beaches in the Caribbean

Barbados is fortunate to be bordered by over 60 of the most incredible beaches in the Caribbean.  The beaches in Barbados feature coral sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, white to pink colored sand, and are usually never overcrowded. There are a variety of beaches to choose from because of the different coastlines that border the island. The West and South Coast of the island face the peaceful Caribbean Sea and are known for the most famous beaches in Barbados which attract many tourists.  The North and East Coasts are more dangerous because they face the forceful Atlantic Ocean.  Swimming is usually discouraged at these beaches  because of the rugged and powerful waves.

Singapore Travel Tips for Travelling in Singapore

Singapore Travel Tips for Travelling in Singapore

Interesting Facts about the Land of Smile, Thailand

  • Interesting Facts about the Land of Smile, Thailand
  • Phuket Tourism and Tourist Information, Thailand
  • Medical Tourism in Thailand-Facts and Comparative Costs 
  • Thailand Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution
  • Asia Tourism Research Community
  • Medical Tourism Statistics & Facts in thailand

Fresh information, news and facts from thailand

  • Thailand Travel Information and Travel Guide 
  • General Information in Phuket, Thailand
  • Facts and Information about Thailand
  • Bangkok Tourism and Tourist Information
  • Facts about Thailand and important information
  • Fresh information, news and facts from thailand

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  • How to travel by train Singapore   Kuala Lumpur  Penang
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  • Singapore Vacations, Tourism and Singapore Travel
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Thailand Tourist Information Tips & Facts

  • Thailand Tourist Information Tips & Facts
  • General facts for travelling in Thailand
  • Thailand Culture Facts
  • Malaysia Thailand Tours ? Top Attractions to Visit
  • More General Facts about Thailand
  • Visit to the 8th Thailand Tourism Award Winners in Phuket
  • Overview of Thailand General Information
  • Information on Thailand for your holiday

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  • Singapore Travel & Hotels Provided By Asia Travel
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  • We have complete offer of hotels in Singapore
  • Singapore City Travel Information and Travel Guide
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Cambodia Luxury Honeymoon Resorts in cambodia

  • Romantic Honeymoon Ideas in Cambodia
  • Honeymoon Hotels in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  • Vietnam Honeymoon Holiday Tour
  • Cambodia honeymoon packages
  • Cambodia Luxury Honeymoon Resorts in cambodia

Narco Tourism In Laos

The President and Directors, joined by the Chairman of the Lao National Tourism Administration (LNTA) and the Chairman of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) will present the objectives and plans on March 1, 2011 in Vientiane, Don Chan Palace Hotel.

Laos Tourism Marketing Board Unveils Targets

Laos Tourism Marketing Board Unveils Targets
I've always had an issue with the concept of eco-tourism because there is an underlying assumption that it is environmentally friendly. I for one am not going to fly to Fiji to go to a deserted island (even if it was free) for the sole reason that you have to FLY TO FIJI to get there, which is extremely unsustainable. This is the "Green Revolution" we're talking about here. Let's not encourage exotic overseas travel which is inherently very bad for the environment. Yes, there are some lessons to be learned and some of these resorts offer non-degrading solutions to development (for the richest .01% of the people that own such places). However, I know numerous "environmentalists" with a bucket list a mile long when it comes to international travel.

Travels through Myanmar & The Almost Perfect Storm

Back to the river. On to the next stop, wherever that may be. A few big ships up here. Many with huge loads of timber that was recently raped from the northern forests of the country, illegal to export, illegal to buy or sell. That’s a lot of wood to be carrying for fun. About forty-five minutes later, yep, I see it. Next stop. The village of watermelons. Just across and up the river from the last village. Now this one is interesting. After being surprised by the village of bananas, all of us tourists are ready for this one. All the cameras come out, I’m crushed against the railing from all sides, cameras clickin’ away, tourists yappin’ away. Oh yeah, now this is vacation. The closest we can get is somewhere around twenty to thirty feet from shore. The gang-planks come out, the village gang-plank leader orders his troops to bring theirs out. He starts rallying, and/or just yelling at, the troops to hook em’ all up. Yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs. Arms akimbo and waving everywhere. Helping where he can, throwing wood together into a bridge alongside the boys. I can only guess he’s yelling at how he needs to get the bananas off, get the watermelons on, get this stuff done. We need potatoes from the next village. Get movin”!!!. Load the melons, Everyone charge

Lao Tourism Marketing Board active in promoting quality tourism

Lao Tourism Marketing Board active in promoting quality tourism
The recently established Lao Tourism Marketing Board (LTMB) is taking shape and moving ahead with developing and implementing the tourism marketing strategy for Laos. The President and directors, joined by the Chairman of the Lao National Tourism Administration (LNTA) and the Chairman of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) will present the objectives and plans on March 1, 2011 in Vientiane, Don Chan Palace Hotel.

Established by LNTA and private sector partners in July 2010, the LTMB aims to forge a partnership between the public and private sectors to globally market Lao tourism, and develop and implement a long-term tourism development strategy. LNTA Vice-Chairman Soukaseum Bodhisane, who serves as LTMB President, said “With private sector participation, the LTMB will complement our marketing activities and strategic direction. We are now able to work very closely together and benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the private sector and other ministries.”

Luxury Beach Resorts and Hotels in Goa

Other top 5 star hotel in Goa is the famous Taj Exotica which recently featured on the list of  India’s Most Romantic Places. Also the specialized Taamra Spa of the Taj Exotica which has been voted among the top10 spas of South Asia

Eco Tours & Eco Tourism Vacations in Laos

Eco Tours & Eco Tourism Vacations in Laos
The 10 Most Romantic Ecotourism Destinations
Dreaming of a romantic or exciting vacation adventure? Premier trips are going green with luxury eco-lodges, great wildlife viewing, renewable energy, carbon offsets and more. Also see 11 eco-friendly volunteer vacations and 10 endangered vacations.

Kuwait's top music and entertainment community!

  • Kuwait's top music and entertainment community!
  • Kuwait Entertainment
  • Kuwait Entertainment, Dining, Shopping
  • Entertainment in Kuwait City
  • Entertainment City Kuwait
  • Doha Entertainment City Kuwait
  • Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company 
  • Al Rai TV From Kuwait
  • News, Sports, Entertainment Television  in kuwait

Lao National Tourism Administration

 Lao National Tourism Administration

Kuwait Towers in Kuwait

  • Touristic Enterprises Company in Kuwait
  • Tourism of Kuwait
  • Tourism In Kuwait
  • Kuwait Tourism Services
  • sightseeing in kuwait
  • Kuwait Towers in Kuwait
  • Places to visit in Kuwait
  • Kuwait City Attractions & Landmarks
  • Kuwait sightseeing recommendations
  • Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts  Kuwait
  • information on sightseeing in Kuwait City
  • Things to Do in Kuwait
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  • Sightseeing Image from Kuwait
  • Find more Kuwait City information 
  • Discussions about Kuwait, living in Kuwait
  • Guided Tours in Kuwait
  • kuwait travel guide tourism Kuwait
  • Travel Videos Kuwait in VHS and DVD of Vacation 
  • Places to visit in Kuwait City
  • Sightseeing in Kuwait city
  • Tours and Packages in Kuwait city

General tourist information and facts about Thailand

  • General tourist information and facts about Thailand
  • Thailand Tourism Update
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand News Room
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand
  • Thailand travel guide, destinations and maps
  • Thailand leading tourism portal, Hotel and Resort

Sustainable Tourism Development Project in Lao

Sustainable Tourism Development Project in Lao

The Textile and Garment Industry in Laos

  • Laos Fashion Clothing Brand & Designer
  • Laos Fashion Wholesale & Clothes Export
  • The Textile and Garment Industry in Laos
  • Laos clothes and Laotian fashion for sale

How to Train for Tourism in College in USA

Tourism is vital to many cities across the U.S. and even around the world. When people visit, they spend money on housing, food and entertainment. The money goes directly into the local economy, benefiting all residents of the area. Working in tourism generally requires an outgoing personality along with some experience, which can be obtained by training for tourism in college.
Work towards a tourism degree. Enroll in an academic program that earns you a bachelor’s degree in tourism or a related field. For example, colleges and universities offer majors and programs for students interested in hospitality, restaurant management, tourism, golf course management and similar fields that cater to this niche. By being enrolled in the program, you’re not only getting your degree in this area, but your also increasing your access to professionals and internships in the tourism field.

Laos National Institute of Tourism Hospitality

Laos National Institute of Tourism Hospitality
A group of mice, working together and with each playing their own small part,  rescue a herd of elephants many times their size from a gang of marauding poachers. Join us in Laos in October 2011 to discover this land once known as the Land of a Million Elephants and make your own small contribution to a country slowly emerging into the 21st century.
Our Laos experience explores in-depth the area around beautiful Unesco World Heritage town Luang Prabang.  Located on the banks of the mighty Mekong River in northern Laos, Luang Prabang is quite simply the South East Asia of 20 years ago, with little traffic, few tourists and laid-back welcoming locals.  A delightful blend of French colonial architecture and gilded Buddhist temples creates a town rich in atmosphere, history and tradition, perfect for those seeking an authentic experience rather than just another holiday.   

Spa Resorts and Destination Spas in South Korea

Famous Temples in Delhi

Lotus temple is the Baha'i house of worship. It is dedicated to the oneness of all the religions. It is the most famous temple of New Delhi. It is built in the shape of a Lotus flower. The temple is among the most visited places by tourists.

Magnificent beaches of Varkala, south kerala

Magnificent beaches of Varkala, south kerala
Woodhouse Beach Recur is situated on the seashores of the magnificent beaches of Varkala, southern kerala. Woodhouse Beach Move provides a broad scene of the environment sun, the rope waves, the coco orchards, the sportfishing boats & the anglers at manipulate. The cottages of woodhouse provide a mouth-watering panorama of the scenic example of the Overprotect Nature. Tourer can savour a locomote on the beach cliffs and revel the freshness of nature, sun cleansing enthusiasts testament screw there wishes treasured on the silky beaches around utilise.

The pass cottages of woodhouse supply privateness and status at inexpensive prices & ply all moderne sustenance of sentence for making your pass at varkala memorable. Woodhouse provides ayurvedic communication for rejuvenation and articulate assist. Woodhouse preserves the ayurvedic acquisition of kerela and provides packages that suits own needs of visitors.

Community based Tourism in Phou Khao Khouay, Central Laos

Community based Tourism in Phou Khao Khouay, Central Laos

7 nights accommodation, all tour transfers, daily breakfast, Australian Tour Escort, English speaking local guides,  elephant 'mahout' experience, rain forest lodge experience, kayaking trip, Mekong River boat trip, Lao cooking class, tour of Luang Prabang, visits to local villages, Big Brother Mouse Book Party, some meals (see trip dossier and itinerary for further inclusions).

The Prince of Laos on Tourism, the Royal Court and Cultural

Prince Nithakhong Somsanith of Laos is one of the last gold thread embroiderers trained in the former royal court. As a young boy he was sent to his grandmother’s home in Luang Prabang, once the royal capital, where he worked as an apprentice. Today, he tours the world with the sole purpose of preserving Laos culture in this globalized world. He tells Earthwalkers the importance of cultural preservation, the impact of tourism in Laos and how visitors can help the locals of Laos.
How has colonization affected Laos society?
The colonization experience has made Laos dependent on foreign aid and outside resources. Up to date, many projects in Laos depend on foreign investment and neighboring influences.

Tourism Development In Laos

Tourism Development In Laos

South Korea Luxury Hotels and Resorts

  • Ski Resorts in South Korea
  • Paradise Hotel Busan (Busan, South Korea)
  • The best spa resorts in South Korea
  • South Korea Luxury Hotels and Resorts
  • Hit the slopes! Ski areas in South Korea
  • Find a Marriott South Korea golf vacation
  • The Hyatt Hotels and Resorts of South Korea

Bulgaria, options for retro train tourism

Bulgaria considers developing further its options for retro train tourism, the country's transport minister, Alexander Tsvetkov said Monday. Among the attractive and luxurious old trains the company will offer the tourists are those oncer used by former Bulgarian Tzar Boris III and communist dictator Todor Zhivkov. There has been a considerable interest in the country's retro train tours and the Bulgarian State railway company (BDZ) expects to double their number in 2011, Tsvetkov stated. The state company has earned some BGN 60 000 in 2010 from retro train tourism, the Minister pointed out, adding it plans to make 2.5 times as much in 2011.

'Not many countries in Europe provide such a tourist attraction,' Tsvetkov said, stating there will be a considerable interest on behalf of foreign tourists. At the end of March, BDZ started running a retro steam engine train between the capital Sofia and the suburb of Bankya. The train leaves at 12:10 pm every day for 20 days from Sofia's Central Railroad Station and entertains the passengers for the normal price of the destination. After these 20 days, the price of the tickets will increase to BGN 5.

The train's engine has been used for a number of movies and entertainment trips. In September 1989 it had served the famous "Orient Express" while the latter was passing through Bulgaria.The engine has been made in 1953 in Switzerland.

Light Rail train tracks at Alameda Avenue station

In the last six months at least six young people have committed suicide by train, the majority of which attended Henry M. Gunn high school. It’s not clear if the motivation for suicide is a result of the school, or if the environment provided there simply prompted a spontaneous eruption of the events.stand by me train We have started to these types of incidents have recently started to spread throughout the Bay area. That’s really unusual because the majority of trends occur in the southern part of the state, in and around Los Angeles, but we can see how things are starting to expand here,” said San Francisco trend critic Mary Hawk. “Once it starts to spread into places like San Jose it will likely explode from there. I mean it may cross the bay and hit Oakland but it’s really just a new wrinkle for them. I’d want to kill myself if I lived in Oakland too. What we are talking about here are people who wouldn’t ordinarily kill themselves throwing themselves down on the train tracks and getting smucked. That is where the real revelation is.” 

Group of volunteers college students in india

Calicut is just outside the village of Nadery-lush green coconut trees surround the small mud huts where he lives most of the residents. One of them belongs to Tirumala, who is ill. She is lying on a bed laid out on the floor. Painfully thin, moans occasionally and his back is covered with bedsores. Today she is being visited by a group of volunteers-all college students. They tend carefully to her, his wounds. She is too weak to go to the hospital, then this is the only type of treatment that you can receive. The leader of the Group of volunteers is Mohammad Yunus, a management graduate who spends most of his time to organize the palliative care program. We are taking care of 1,330 patients and 500 dedicated volunteers, we all from college campuses,” says. We have a strong presence in every village and when a person registers with us, our volunteers pay a visit within 24 hours.”

Best honeymoon and wedding destinations worldwide

Best honeymoon and wedding destinations worldwide
The Maldives lie scattered like giant green-and-gold jewels afloat in the Indian Ocean.You are just a few clicks away, if you are looking for the world's best honeymoon destination with maximum privacy and peace,. Maldives is definitely

MasterCard in Dominican Republic

Master Card in Dominican Republic online without hassle it can be your telephone land line in Dominican Republic, cell/mobile phone, GSM carrier, prepaid or post paid deposits electricity, gas, cable, newspapers, magazine bills etc. Also you can use preloaded credit  card to pay traffic fines, government dues, taxes in Dominican Republic etc.

Prepaid MasterCard for Dominican Republic residents i

Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard for Dominican Republic residents is also available, you need to contact our customer support for reloadable prepaid MasterCard debit card in Dominican Republic.

Hoi an Beach & Resort in Vietnam

Situated between the romantic De Vong river and famous Cua Dai Beach, as travelers worldwide recognised "an oasis of peace where the river meets the ocean", the four-star resort consists of luxurious old Vietnamese-style houses and villa rooms.

Vietnam travel and information about tourism

They are Vietnam's secret treasures, hidden miles away from populated areas: Deep in the heart of the country, shores at inland lakes are covered with lotus blossoms full abloom. Deserted beaches like Bai Sao or Mui Ne appeal with red or white sands and invite to swimming and kayaking.

Traditional and modern lifestyle of Bahrain

The interesting point of Bahrain is the combination of traditional and modern lifestyle that continues in close proximity with towering modern constructions fighting for real estate right beside more traditional dwellings and historical sites.

Bahrain travel and tourism industry

Bahrain travel and tourism industry, The Bahrain travel and tourism industry has made certain to provide many good hotels, apartments, restaurants, and visiting places in order to keep a healthy flow of tourists coming to Bahrain every year on a holiday. The Bahrein travel and business business has made positive to render galore intellectual hotels, apartments, restaurants, and visiting places in arrangement to make a thriving flux of tourists coming to Island every year on a pass.

Bahrain, group of thirty-three islands

Bahrain is a group of thirty-three islands that collectively make up a land area of 707 square kilometers. It is located in the Arabian Gulf just off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The state is named after the largest island (Bahrain). This island is linked via a causeway to the international airport situated at Muharraq. Most of the remaining thirty-two islands are very small and uninhabited except for the migratory birds that use them as resting spots during the spring and autumn seasons. Though the official language of Bahrain is Arabic, most business concerns use English and it is also well understood generally.

Six-screen cinema of Seef Cineplex

Seef Cineplex is a six-screen cinema, located on the first floor of West Wing of Seef Mall, offering the latest releases, while the Seef Megaplex is a ten-screen multiplex located on the first floor of East Wing of the mall, giving the mall the distinction of having the largest Cineplex in the Middle East. Ever-since its opening, Seef Mall has become the top shopping location in Bahrain, attracting large number of visitors and business from both local Arab population and western expatriates. Seef Cineplex is a six-screen medium, located on the foremost structure of Westside Move of Seef Walkway, message the newest releases, piece the Seef Megaplex is a ten-screen multiple situated on the oldest flooring of Orient Portion of the walk, gift the center the distinction of having the maximal Cineplex in the Midriff East.

Ever-since its starting, Seef Paseo has transmute the top shopping emplacement in Bahrein, attracting gigantic company of visitors and byplay from both anaesthetic Arab accumulation and occidental expatriates.

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